Shortly after the Bad Boys documentary aired on ESPN's 30 For 30 last week, a lot of people wondered which of today's NBA players could have played back in the 1980s when the league seemingly allowed just about anything when it came to hard fouls. And while LeBron James was one of the names that some people threw out, others disputed the fact that LBJ could have excelled in the '80s. But according to him, he would have been more than willing to go toe-to-toe with guys 30 years ago.

Earlier today, LeBron was asked about the hard foul that Josh McRoberts committed on him the other night during Game 2 of the Heat/Bobcats playoff series. And he revealed that if it was 1984 right now instead of 2014, he probably would have reacted to a hard foul like that one a lot differently.

"Obviously, the game is different [today]," he said. "If this was the 1980s, I'd come up swinging. But this is not the '80s. I can't do that. Me being out of the game, it hurts us more than it's going to hurt the other team. I've got to keep my composure. I get frustrated at times, but I understand how much I mean to this team."

"Come up swinging"? Hmmm…We don't know about that. Do you think that LeBron would have been swinging on everyone who looked at him the wrong way? We'd love to hear your answers.

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[via Eye on Basketball]