Kevin Durant's streak of scoring 25 points or more in 41 straight games is officially over. During the Thunder's 107-92 win over the Kings last night, KD "only" managed to score 23 points. And no one is happier about that than KD himself.

Earlier this week, the Slim Reaper came out and admitted that he wanted his amazing scoring streak to come to an end, shortly after he extended it to 41 games. And he got his wish on Tuesday night when his teammate Caron Butler took over in the fourth quarter of Oklahoma City's game against Sacramento. After the game, he explained why he was glad that the streak was finally finished.

"I was getting so many texts after every game," he said. "I'm glad that's over with and we can just focus on the team. If we played well and I had 25 points, that took away from how well the team was playing, so I didn't like that. If we lost, it was all about me scoring 25 points and I didn't like that either. I'm glad we can just talk about the team now."

So sayonara, streak! Though, for the record, we wouldn't be surprised at all if KD started up a new one during the Thunder's next game.

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[via Sports Illustrated]