The Washington Redskins are still trying to work out whatever issues that they have on the football field. But as of right now, they officially have the best recruiting team in the business.

Shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson late last week, a number of high-profile celebrities reached out to the speedy wide receiver to try and convince him to come and play for the Redskins. 'Skins quarterback Robert Griffin III met up with D-Jax out in Los Angeles. Wale partied with him in D.C. And according to Jackson, even Kevin Durant spent the early part of this week blowing up his phone and trying to convince him to come and play for the Redskins.

"Wale is a good friend of mine," Jackson said. "He's a good rapper, he does his thing out here in D.C., puts on for the city. [My decision to sign with the Redskins] was a little influenced by Wale. Another influence was my boy Durant. Kevin Durant been calling me, he been calling and saying, 'Man, you know how I'd go crazy for you to be in D.C.' I mean, what better place is there for me to be? I'm happy to be here. I'm glad, man, honestly I can say that."

The Redskins better send Wale and KD some sort of care package (and a check?!) immediately. Because without them, who knows where Jackson would have landed.

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[via Washington Post]