Sucking on purpose is generally frowned upon, but there's a point where you come to terms with your team being full of scrubs and are forced to look toward a cloudy, hopefully less mediocre future. So then you tank as if you're the Sixers, Bucks, or Lakers. You're unlucky to be with a poor team to begin with, but hey, why not give the Draft Lottery and the fine young men from the NCAA a shot.

You do that only if you're not a gangsta. Rich is Gangsta. Winning is Gangsta. Joakim Noah is Gangsta (a.k.a not soft). As long as Noah is around, don't expect the Bulls to tank for the lottery or playoff seeding.

OK, so Noah is no gangsta, but he's far from soft. Anyone who takes charge after his leader falls has some cred.

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[via Nick Friedell]