Today is tax day, the day you either part with a chunk of your hard-earned bucks or you play life-roulette and say "Fuck it, they can't possibly check all those returns." We don't condone going with option No. 2, but if you do we have massive respect for the size of your nuts. That's because one thing Uncle Sam is very good at is collecting his doe. What's the consequence for saying "Nah," just once? Feel free to watch Lockup. Celebrities and athletes who think they're above the law run the risk of being made an example. Just ask Willie Mays Hayes.

If you want examples of real athletes feeling the intentionally public wrath, take a look at this list. From the days of Joe Louis to two days ago with Terrell Owens, the IRS is a nuisance you don't want to introduce into your life. The best way to avoid future pain in your ass is to pay your damn taxes. Some things in life you just got to conform to. Here's A History of Pro Athletes Who Didn't Pay Theirs. The government may have tried to make an example out of them. Whether or not it worked, only you would know.