Usually you don’t mess with a good recipe, unless of course you are Ugur Sahin, a designer from the Netherlands. Sahin mocked up a few renders of the Ferrari 458, and turned it into something even more unbelievable. It’s dubbed ‘Project F’, and Sahin revealed that he has several very interested clients who are looking to buy one.

It isn’t hard to understand why. The new car will sit on the 458 chassis, but feature different floor, door, and roof structures to allow for that new body. Underneath all those compelling new lines resides the same 4.5L 570-horsepower V8, so we can assume it’ll still be good for 0-60 in under 3.4 seconds.

Sahin and his team have divulged very few details, but we can tell you that Project F will be a truly unique one-off vehicle, with a rumored seven-digit price tag. Yikes, better start saving now.

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[via BBC Autos]