When an NBA team trades away its best player in the middle of the season, it doesn't usually get better. But that's exactly what the Raptors did during the 2013-14 NBA season when they worked out a deal that sent Rudy Gay to the Kings in exchange for a bunch of guys—Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson, John Salmons, and Chuck Hayes—who seemed like they wouldn't do anything except help Toronto tank. But then, something pretty crazy happened…the Raptors got good! Really, really good.

In the clip above, Drake talks at length with Grantland about how the Raptors were able to get so good, so quickly as a result of the Gay trade. And he also touches on a few other topics, including the best moments in Raptors' history, the clubs that a few Raptors players used to own in Toronto, and the general feeling around the city right now. We get on this guy about him bandwagoning sports teams and using lint rollers on the sideline during games, but it's pretty clear that he's played a big part in getting people excited about the Raptors.

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[via Dime]