Are you up on Lloyd "Swee' Pea" Daniels? If not, you should be.

Back in the 1980s, Daniels was one of the most sought-after college basketball recruits in the entire country and eventually landed at UNLV to play college ball. However, Daniels—who is a legend on the NYC streetball scene—never played a single game in college due to a series of academic issues and a lingering drug problem. Unlike most potential superstars who have fizzled out, though, Daniels was such a good player that he didn't disappear after he got dismissed from the UNLV program. He endured a series of hardships both on and off the court and even got shot in the chest in 1989. But in 1992, he worked his way onto an NBA roster and ended up spending the better part of the next decade playing for the Spurs, 76ers, Lakers, Kings, Nets, and Raptors. So his story is incredibly unique and seems like it would make for a great documentary.

Fortunately, that documentary is in the midst of being made right now. Filmmaker Benjamin May is working with Daniels to create The Legend of Swee' Pea. But unfortunately, the documentary—which features interviews with everyone from Daniels to former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian and archival footage of Daniels in high school and on the NYC playgrounds—needs some financial help in order to move forward. And that's where you, the basketball fan, come in.

Right now, May is holding a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise $50,000 in order to finish his film. He's more than halfway there, but he still needs about $20,000 and has just six days left to raise it. So if you're not familiar with Swee' Pea and want to learn more about him or you're an NBA aficionado who knows how important Daniels' story is to the world, please consider contributing a couple dollars to help May finish The Legend of Swee' Pea.

You can read more about the documentary and the Kickstarter campaign over here or read a great Q&A with May over here.

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