The concept car is a dish best served blisteringly hot. Many manufacturers simply dial the styling up to 11 and create something that the public can ogle at. It's the perfect opportunity for car company's to really grab your attention with something refreshing, something never seen before, and something that might be a little (or a lot) outside the boundaries of what is required to make an actual production car. Production cars, after all, have an insane amount of restrictions about fuel economy, lighting size and placement, and crash ratings (and yet, every company still seems to need recalls).

But that's what makes concept cars great. They can come straight out of somebody's imagination onto a piece of paper, into a clay mold, and come out a beautifully shining sculpture of metal in any size or shape the designers choose. Unfortunately, some of those designers occasionally lack the creativity and spunk that we love. Or maybe they're just lazy. Either way, there have been some AWFUL concept cars. Take a look at these 11 Disappointing Concept Cars That Didn't Live up to the Hype

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