Over the weekend, the girls' soccer team from Vandegrift High School won their league championship game, causing less than 100 students to storm the field. But Georgetown police officer George Bermudez wasn't in the mood to celebrate. As you can tell in the above video, Bermudez tried pulling out all the literal stops to prevent kids from getting involved in the celebration. There was a vicious leg sweep at the 0:07 mark in the lower right of the screen which sent someone in pink...okay, okay, salmon shorts to the ground. Then, Bermudez tried leaving the foot out for a less abrasive fall because dude respects the ladies. And finally, there's the bear hug with a choke slam contemplation because Bermudez is fed up with these damn kids and their shenanigans!  

KXAN's Lindsay Bramso is reporting that the Georgetown Police Department has put Bermudez on "paid administrative leave while it investigates the situation." For another look at the cop's path of destruction, check out the video below. 

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[via Bleacher Report]