Here's the thing about stripping your car for parts: you're not supposed to keep driving it afterwards. A 25-year-old college student in England was pulled over for driving a Peugot 306 without doors, headlights, turn signals, a hood, a grill, and rear brake lights. He had sold all of the parts online and was on his way to scrap what was remaining of the car for scrap. But what was remaining wasn't street legal.

Police described his car as a "skeleton of a vehicle" and charged Sam Wilson for driving a vehicle when its use involved a danger of any person. He was found guilty and ordered to pay a $200 fine. "I was starting college and I was only going to get £150 at the scrapyard," Wilson said, "so I thought if I took the doors off and a few other parts I could get more money back."

Obviously he didn't think factor in a potential fine. 

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[via The Telegraph