About four years ago, when Pat Riley was trying to convince Chris Bosh to sign a deal with the Miami Heat and join forces with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, he reportedly used a very interesting tactic. According to an ESPN report, he gave Bosh a championship ring that he had won with the Heat in 2006 and told him to keep it.

"He gave me one of his championship rings from 2006 and was like, 'You give me that back when you come here and win yours,'" Bosh said. "So I took it. I was like, 'Oh, man!' Don't tell me to take something if you don't want me to take it."

However, even though Bosh now has two rings of his own thanks to the back-to-back NBA titles that the Heat have won the last two seasons, he never got around to giving Riley his ring back. He says that he's "still got it." But fortunately—for Riley, at least—he doesn't plan on holding the ring hostage for too much longer.

"I told him I'd give it back," he said, "after this year."

That'd be nice, dude. You've got your own rings now. So why do you need one of Pat Riley's rings, too?!

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]