There are quite a few college freshman who have declared for the 2014 NBA Draft this spring. But Andrew and Aaron Harrison—aka "The Harrison Twins"—will not be joining them. Earlier this afternoon, Andrew took to Twitter to announce that he will be coming back to Kentucky next season to spend another year with the Wildcats:

And a short time later, Aaron seconded that emotion by also jumping on Twitter to reveal that he's coming back to Kentucky, too:

And you know who is really happy about this? Well, obviously, John Calipari is happy. We assume that Drake is ecstatic as well. But Kentucky fans are the ones who are really, really, really thrilled. And they've been all over Twitter over the course of the last hour or so stunting on everyone who's not a part of the Big Blue Nation. Check out some of the tweets that they've been sending out:

So what do you think? Should we just pencil Kentucky into the National Championship Game now or nah?

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[via Kentucky Sports]