Back in mid-January, a military veteran found herself facing some very serious financial issues. And as a result of her money troubles, she was forced to give up her home and move into her car. But her problems didn't end there. In addition to moving herself into her car, the woman also had to move her pets into the car with her. And she had a lot of pets, which made for a very uncomfortable situation.

The woman, who has not been identified, had a total of 24 dogs and 3 cats. And up until this past weekend, all 27 of them were living with her in the four-door vehicle that you see above. But on Saturday, the woman finally realized that enough was enough and contacted the Humane Society to come out and take the cats and dogs away so that she could check herself into the Lebanon VA Medical Center in Lebanon, Pa. to get some medical attention. And as you might expect, the inside of her car was a wreck when they came out to get the animals.

"It was pretty bad," Humane Society director of operations Aspasia Yeager said a short time after rescuing the pets. "It smelled pretty bad. The animals were free roaming in the car, going to the bathroom, and there was food all over the place. It is how you would expect a car to be with 27 animals in it."

Fortunately, all 27 animals appeared to be in pretty decent shape, considering the conditions. They received medical care after being rescued and will be put up for adoption in the coming weeks. Something tells us the same can't be said for that car, though. Can you even imagine what the inside of that thing looks like right now? Yuck.

Props to the woman for doing what she had to do. We hope she gets well soon and gets at least one or two of her pets back once she's back on her feet again.

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[via LD News]