Are a big corn dog fan living in California? Well, we've got some bad (and, potentially, very sad!) news for you.

Very early yesterday morning, a truck loaded with more than 76,000 corn dogs left Louisiana and headed towards Cali. Its mission was to safely deliver all 76,000 of the corn dogs so that they could be distributed throughout the state. But at around 3:30 a.m., the truck accidentally overturned in Shreveport, La. and spilled just about every single corn dog that it was carrying out onto I-220. And a cleanup crew had to spend all day yesterday cleaning up the gigantic corn dog mess, which looked like this:

Fortunately, Foster Farms, the company that sells the corn dogs, has three locations in the South. So there shouldn't be a corn dog shortage in California for too long. But 76,000 corn dogs is a lot of corn dogs to lose at one time. So good luck finding one on the West Coast over the course of the next few weeks.

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[via KSLA]