Year: 2005-06

After playing for three teams (Minnesota, New Jersey and Phoenix) Marbury was finally dealt to the squad he loved growing up, the New York Knicks. It was the beginning of something terrible.

At the same time Larry Brown took over the reigns as the head coach. And though he probably wishes he hadn't he spent one season in New York and finished the year 23-59. It's a notable stain on an otherwise outstanding resume. During his brief stint in the Big Apple, Brown and Marbury were constantly sniping at each other with the mics on. The feud had started a couple years earlier at the disappointing, bronze-destined, 2004 Olympics.

Brown and Marbury's views on the role of the court general never meshed. Brown reaped more compliments on opposing point guards than his own. Marbury stated the conflict was "personal." Despite Brown's huge contract he was shown the door after the putrid season.

This change helped move Isiah Thomas to the Knicks' new coach. A move that, not surprisingly, also made this list.