Year: 2007

Over the summer break Marbury appeared on a local-New York TV program to simultaneously advertise his charitable works and talk about the Knicks' upcoming 2007-08 season. The twist is that he was as high as a mountain goat that also smokes crack. His phone went off mid-interview. When Marbury glanced at it he referred to the caller (his wife) as his "better ho," before catching himself and clarifying that he meant "half," which we A. Could've guessed, and B. Did you really just call your wife a "ho?" 

He then followed up with some non-sensical quotes that sounded like close, but not quite, cliches like "I shoot to win because I shoot to win. And that's it." At that point we couldn't quite tell if he was intoxicated but he seemed more apt to be spouting nonsense on "The Sports Sesh," with Guy Young. Any argument that he wasn't smashed was finally smashed in the interviews final minute when he started dancing and yelling over Subway's in-show ad time highlight before the producers finally cut to commercial.