Year: 1998

The movie we just notched as "The Greatest Basketball Flick of All-Time," was loosely based on Marbury and his journey from the Coney Island projects, to one of the biggest recruits in college basketball. While the parts about his father killing his mom, and the corrupt governor were (thankfully) bogus, his brother did get an offer as an assistant coach for Fresno State if Stephon were to play his college ball in California. He ended up playing a year at Georgia Tech and then bolted for the Association.

When Director Spike Lee was searching for NBA talents young enough to star as Shuttlesworth, he briefly considered both Stephon and teammate Kevin Garnett. He passed when management for the two players wanted a guaranteed offer for the part once they agreed to audition. Lee passed, gave the role to Ray Allen and still made millions off the story. That's how you do it.