Year: 2010

After Steve & Barry's went under, Marbury found himself looking for a market to continue his shoe franchise. Fortunately China is the biggest market with a league Marbury could easily walk-on to.

With that Marbury took his talents to Taiyuan where it wasn't long until he had problems with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons coach. As of today he's on the Beijing Ducks and his coming off his fifth consecutive CBA All-Star appearance. Granted it looks like sub-rec league quality, but it's a paycheck. And as a massive star he also literally cemented his legend by getting his own statue.

And even though he and his wife are burning money (we mean absolutely torching it) and he's faced round after round of financial problems, we hope that his creditors will read this, realize it's the man's birthday, and forgive the $19+ million of potential debt.