Year: 2005

During Marbury's five year run with the Knicks they failed to win more than 35 games every single season. NBA experts point to the fact that everyone involved with the organization, from the top down, was constantly thinking about sex rather than doing their jobs. Anyone familiar with the Knicks of the 2000s knows the name Anucha Browne Sanders because she successfully sued the franchise after Isiah Thomas sexually harassed her. That story got significant coverage and cost the Knicks more than $11 million.

Marbury was ordered to testify in the case and it was exposed that he had sex with one of Sanders' interns on her 21st birthday by quoting the Shakespearean line "Are you going to get in the truck?" The intern told Sanders she felt compelled to do it because it was Marbury, the alleged team star.

While that doesn't really make a lot of sense, Marbury also had run-ins with Sanders over the amount of season passes she had granted for him and his extended family. Marbury also got his cousin (Hassan Gonsalves) a job as a low level employee under Sanders. After a very short period of time Gonsalves was fired for, you guessed it, sexual harassment.

Like we mentioned, top to bottom.