During his decade and a half in the league, Stephon Marbury was one of the NBA's most polarizing players. He did some things that made you do a double-take (that's what this list is for) while simultaneously giving back to the community in a very genuine way. In an era where Air Jordans sell for hundreds of dollars, Marbury gave everyone access to signature sneakers by slapping his name on $15 kicks.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Marbury has drawn the ire of a handful of big-name coaches, protruded a brash and arrogant demeanor, and gone to China after wearing out his career in the States. And while he has never crossed the line and veered into committing serious criminal infractions, he's still had enough head-scratching moments to make you question where his logo-emblazoned head is at. So in honor of his latest episode, which involved him crying uncontrollably at the end of a very important CBA game, we decided to take a look back at Stephon Marbury's Craziest Moments.

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