Ever since the days of gladiators versus lions man has yearned for eyeball stimulation from athletic competition. Thousands of years later we still share that (metaphorical) blood lust with our ancestors. This innate visceral instinct has led many of us to act a fool (often contrary to our non-sports viewing personalities) in front of our buddies, family, and instantly former girlfriends. After all, for many of us sports were our first love. The problems arise when you have an actual love (and sometimes kids), and you still foam at the mouth when someone mentions the New York Yankees. These types of freak outs are what YouTube was made for.

By no means are we saying don't cheer. If there's one thing that unites all of us it's that we're all turned on by Bill Belichick sports fans. And that means we all share the ups and downs, positives and drawbacks, of investing our free time with our favorite clubs. Some of it is off-putting, especially to those who don't share our passion. Sometimes you need to take a good long look in the mirror and if the man staring back is decked in purple and gold face paint wearing a Duck Fwight Howard T-shirt, there may be a problem.

Here are 18 Things Sports Fans Do But Won't Admit.

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