Blake Griffin must be a real pain in the ass on the basketball court. Because over the course of the last few years, it feels like he's gotten into a scuffle with nearly everyone who has ever guarded him. From Zach Randolph and Serge Ibaka to Anderson Varejao and Carl Landry, it's clear that BG does some things on the court that get underneath other players' skin and causes them to act out of character.

Last night, Suns forward P.J. Tucker found that out the hard way when the got ejected from the Suns/Clippers game for punching Griffin in the face. The two got tangled up on a rebound attempt and ended up fighting for position on the floor. And before they both got up, Tucker popped Griffin right in the cheek and nearly ignited a riot between the two teams.

After the game, Tucker refused to comment on the situation. But after seeing the clip above, we're sure the NBA is going to have something to say about it soon. Tucker definitely got a good shot in on Griffin and he's going to have to pay the price for it.

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[via Eye on Basketball]