Jerry Seinfeld has made a career out of pointing out the ridiculous, and now Gabe Oppenheim, a screenwriter in New York, has shifted the light onto the comedian himself. Pedestrians in Bars Eating Toffee pokes fun at Seinfeld's web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee by filming a conversation between two regular dudes and describing a pair of beat up, 13-year-old Nikes like a vintage car. 

The parody is spot on, making fun of every detail of the show, including the initial phone calls that "spark" Seinfeld's meet-ups. "I'm in your neighborhood. I wanted to know whether you wanted to a bar and eat some toffee," the host says. "I know, Gabe, we already discuss this," his guest replies.

The entire episode is worth a watch. With how boring CCGC has been lately, this might have to replace it. 

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