The Detroit Tigers reached a big time agreement on an extension with slugger Miguel Cabrera. Detroit will likely be where Cabrera ends his career now that he signed for $248 million over eight years. That, along with two years from the $152 million, eight-year contract that Cabrera originally signed makes his contract a record $292-million, 10-year commitment.

Cabrera is a two-time defending AL MVP who has been embraced by Tigers fans for his consistent play and world-class hitting over the past few years. The Tigers traded Prince Fielder in the winter partly to free up money to sign Cabrera and Cy Young-winner Max Scherzer to long-term deals. 

It definitely makes sense for Cabrera to re-up with Detroit, but when are teams going to learn from these ten-year commitments to players at or over the age of 30? This seems like it's going to be a running trend for the time being.

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[via CBS Sports]