There’s no place for redundancy in the automotive world. Case in point, the McLaren 650S and MP4-12C. Sources within the UK indicate that although McLaren will continue to sell and receive orders for the 12C, the company will soon cease production in preparation for the rollout of the 650S. Budget supercar fans may gripe initially, but it’s all part of the process. The 650S might only be a steroidal evolution of the 12C, but there are only so many bays in this garage.

McLaren shocked many fans by feigning its reveal of the entry-level P13, but the move makes sense in hindsight. Once the 12C is out of the way, McLaren will position the 650S securely in between the P13 and P1 to reach the widest range of customers. We totally get it, and certainly can’t wait to see how budget-minded the P13 could potentially be.

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[via Autoblog]