Some drivers favor certain tracks for the atmosphere and circumstance of the event. We can think of seven reasons why Kyle Busch might favor Phoenix International Raceway.

Busch came out victorious from Saturday’s rain-soaked Blue Jeans Go Green 200 at PIR, which incidentally only made it to 168 laps before ending under a caution flag. The race marked a flurry of achievements for Busch, including his first victory of the 2014 Nationwide Series, his 64th victory overall, and his third straight Nationwide win and seventh overall win at PIR. That’s cause to celebrate, right?

Kevin Harvick’s #7 Chevrolet followed in second, just ahead of Brad Keselowski in the #1 Ford. Both Harvick and Keselowski led for a couple laps here and there, but Busch dominated the night, leading 153 laps. Event organizers tried once again to dry the track using the new Air Titan system, but downpours stymied their attempts.

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[via Autoweek]