Last August, Jeannette McCurdy finally reached out to Andre Drummond, who continuously made the iCarly star his "Woman Crush Wednesday" on Twitter. Eventually, their social media connection turned into a short-lived relationship that has since come to an end. Now, McCurdy has decided to spill the beans on her brief romance with the Pistons forward on Pete Holmes' You Made It Weird podcast.

At first, McCurdy said that she reached out to Drummond because he "seemed like a big deal." And even though some early conversations between the two "gave [her] pause," Jeannette continued to date him. Then, there was the first kiss which she says, "It just didn't go sparks. The mouths...the shapes weren't right." 

Through it all, they continued to hang out. Eventually, Drummond got on his knees to propose...that she become his girlfriend. And even though she wasn't really feeling him, McCurdy still said yes, only to break up with him on the phone a few days later. 

Hey Jeannette, relationships go sour, it happens. But don't go airing out the dirty laundry! 

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[via TMZ]