Today we celebrate acknowledge the 19th anniversary of Mike Tyson being freed from prison after being charged with rape and use it as an opportunity to take a look back at the small collection of stars who attempted comebacks after stints in federal lockup. The list is small, as most athletes wait until after their careers end to expose their inner-scumbag (see: Lenny Dykstra, O.J. Simpson, etc.). It's better to commit a crime and comeback than to never comeback at all. Just ask Rae Carruth.

While players coming back from injury/illness are roundly cheered, these athletes come out of the joint with a bad boy (or girl) persona. How's that greeted at our nation's arenas? Booing. And lots of it. Your endorsements get pulled, your contract gets voided, your reputation turns to shit. Still, unlike retired athletes, at least you have time to piece it back together. Take a look at Tyson. Now he's beloved. These guys have shown there's still a chance no matter what you do. Even if your name is Oscar Pistorius. Here's a History of Athletes Making Comebacks After Serving Time in Prison.

Quick note: This special honor is reserved for athletes who've done prison time. If we opened the door for every athlete who's been to jail this slideshow would be longer than an encyclopedia. To those of you with rap sheets, you know the massive difference. Therefore you won't see guys like Floyd Mayweather and J.R. Smith on this list.

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