Teams: Australia vs. American Samoa
Result: 31-0, Australia
MVPs: Archie Thompson, David Zdrilic
Date: 4/11/2001

Smaller countries or territories like American Samoa field teams that are built around passion and pride. The talent pool isn't huge, but they make up for it in their desire to play. However, we can't be naive and assume that a good attitude can save a team from embarrassment. In 2001, a qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup against the Australian team revealed just how far American Samoa had to go before they could ever hope to compete on a global stage. Falling 31-0 in the contest, the Samoans were dominated by Archie Thompson and David Zdrilic.

Thompson scored 13 goals, breaking the record for most scored in an international match, while Zdrilic tallied the second-highest total with eight. Basically, this was a game of FIFA on the easiest setting.