Teams: AS Adema vs. Stade Olympique L'Emyrne
Result: 149-0, AS Adema
MVPs: Stade Olympique L'Emyrne
Date: 10/31/2002

It may seem impossible for any soccer team to put in 149 goals, but when you consider that all of AS Adema's goals were own goals from Stade Olympique L'Emyrne, suddenly the number is a bit more plausible. The result shattered a 117 years old scoring record, but it's important to note that Stade's loss had been predetermined by the team. The reason? The game was taking place in a round-robin tournament to determine Madagascar's national champion.

However, after drawing in an earlier round after a poor penalty decision by the refs, Stade was knocked out of title contention and was none too happy about it. The team used own goals as their form of protest, enraging every spectator and official taking part in the action.