Sometimes you're aptly named and other times you're not. Richie "Incognito," falls firmly into the latter category as an oaf who drunkenly flips shit over a game of pool. He's the type of dude you want to steer clear of any time there's alcohol involved. In case you didn't click the link it refers to a house party where Incognito got into a fight with two men. Combined they weighed five lbs. less than the former Miami lineman. Incognito was "disorderly the entire time" and was "trying to fight everybody."

But ladies love a badboy as evidenced by the suspended guard leaving a Hollywood club with no less than five women last month. A big source of contention surrounding the Jonathon Martin-Incognito scandal had to do with Martin being pressured to fund a trip to Las Vegas for a "hooker party."

A lot of attention seemed to be given to the financier of the trip rather than the hooker part but at the time being a John seemed like the least of his troubles.