Today we celebrate Darryl Strawberry's 52nd birthday. A bonafide five-tool player who could've been Ken Griffey Jr. before Ken Griffey Jr. Instead he got deep into drugs and alcohol, leaving us guessing at what he could've been. Some of these guys on this list similarly sacrificed on-field greatness for off-field glory. They sometimes played like they were hungover because, well, they were.

What's the point of being rich and famous if you can't capitalize on your celebrity? If Richie Incognito were a librarian, the town's readers would think "Jeez, this guy's a big fatass." But as it is, he's opted to be the big, obnoxious life of the party, living one long day of raging, playing football and wearing out his welcome from town to town. He may be a neanderthal but when it comes to partying the man's world class. These others are his contemporaries both on the field and with their heads two feet above a toilet.

Here are the 25 Hardest Partying Athletes of All Time.

One note: We decided to not include pro wrestlers because otherwise the entire list would've been 24 guys from the WWE and John Daly.

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