Alfa Romeo needs to drop bombs in order to recapture its former glory. The 4C is a very, very good start, but the brands needs a few cars that people can buy as their primary car to really get going now. First up will probably be the new Giulia sedan, but this car does have some very difficult competition like the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, and Cadillac ATS, to go up against.

In order for Alfas new cars to blow up the way they need to they'll need some serious firepower, and that firepower might end up coming from Ferrari. That's right, some of the six new Alfas set to debut in the next five years could feature some truly exotic engines. We're hoping the M3 and C63 AMG might have to deal with a Giulia Quadrifoglio that's rocking the screaming V8 from the 458 Italia. 

Perhaps as Maserati softens, with a less raucous Quattroporte and the down-market Ghibli, Afla is going to step up as the more sport-focused luxury brand. We can only hope.

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[via Auto News