Wow. We knew that Johnny Manziel's Pro Day was going to be a big deal. But for whatever reason, we didn't know that it was going to be this big of a deal.

Even though ESPN didn't create an entire show based around Johnny Football's big day, they did devote the better part of an hour on SportsCenter to watching Manziel throw passes to his receivers and then talking about and critiquing every single thing that he did on the field. From the fact that he wore pads and a helmet during his Pro Day—which is not something that quarterbacks typically do during Pro Days—to the fact his quarterback coach George Whitfield Jr. was out there on the field with him using a broom to simulate a pass rush, ESPN dissected Manziel's Pro Day like no other Pro Day before it. And people definitely responded to it.

LeBron James was impressed with what he saw:

But he wasn't the only one watching. There were lots and lots of other people watching, too. And those people were tweeting about it so much that #JohnnyManzielProDay, #ManzielProDay, and A&M were all at the top of Twitter's U.S. trending topics list at one point. Here are some of the crazier observations that people made during Manziel's Pro Day:

Can you imagine what's going to happen when this guy is actually, you know, playing in the NFL? The world ain't ready.


In related news, Jon Gruden is comparing Manziel to Steve Young. And as you might expect, that's not sitting well with some people:

Gruden's QB Camp with Manziel airs tonight on ESPN.

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