The 88-year-old woman who accidentally drove a pickup truck through the front of a Las Vegas grocery store on Saturday afternoon is not the first person to ever put her vehicle through the front of a supermarket. It actually feels like we hear about someone doing it almost every week now. But the woman, who has not been identified yet, did take things to a new level by not only driving her car through the front of the store but also driving it through the frozen food section and all the way to the back of the store, injuring 26 people in the process.

The freaky accident took place at a Food 4 Less grocery store in Las Vegas. For some reason, the elderly woman—who was driving a full-size pickup truck—lost control of her truck and barreled through the front of the store. But upon doing so, she didn't stop immediately like most people do when they get into an accident. Rather, she continued driving for approximately 80 yards, driving all the way down a frozen food aisle and eventually coming to a stop near the back of the store. As you can see, she caused a lot of chaos:

Nine people, including the woman, had to be hospitalized after the crash for their injuries, while 17 others were treated at the scene and released. So far, police are unsure why the woman crashed into the store and why she continued to drive once she made it inside. But they're investigating it further right now.

In the meantime...cleanup in aisle 6! That store is such a mess right now.

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[via New York Daily News]