Leaving your dog alone inside of your car while you run errands is never a good idea. Reason being, there are a number of things that could go wrong. The dog could get very sick if the car gets too hot or too cold. The dog could cause an accident if he or she somehow manages to put the car into park. And the dog could also do what the dog in the clip above did recently.

The dog in the video—a boxer named Fern who lives in Scotland with her owners Graham and Fiona Haddow—was left inside of a car while the Haddows ran into an art gallery earlier this month. And she didn't like being left alone. So within minutes, she jumped into the front seat, laid on the horn, and refused to move. She blasted the horn for a solid 15 minutes while people gathered around the car and laughed. And when the Haddows reemerged, they were both very embarrassed about what their dog had done.

"It was as if she was saying, 'Where have you been? I've been waiting,'" Fiona Haddow said. "She is a bit of a diva, she just wants a bit of attention."

A bit of attention and some freedom.

Watch Fern lay on the horn in the video above. We bet that's the last time the Haddows leave their dog in the car unattended.

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[via Boston]