Exactly one year ago today, DeAndre Jordan threw down the dunk heard 'round the world on Brandon Knight. Or, maybe more appropriately, the dunk heard 'round Twitter. Because after the Clippers forward caught a lob pass from Chris Paul and put the then-Pistons guard on a poster, Twitter exploded with meme after meme after meme after meme after meme after meme after…well, you get the point. Jordan's dunk was so incredible that it was trending for a long, long time.

In fact, it's actually still trending. Even though the dunk took place a year ago—and even though we've seen a ton of dunks take place since then—people still bring it up on Twitter and talk about it like it just happened. And on this day in particular, people are having a field day with it. It's clear that the epic throwdown hasn't faded from anyone's memory. Hell, even the NBA's own Instagram has gotten in on the action:

To prove just how big of an impact that dunk had, we decided to scan Twitter this afternoon to see what the tweets were saying about Jordan and Knight. And as we expected, we found plenty of strong reactions to the dunk, one year later. Here is how Twitter is reacting to the anniversary of the best dunk of the last 365 days:

We would say "Never forget" here. But it doesn't look like that's going to be a problem, is it?

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[via Twitter]