Maybe you've already heard, but the students at the University of Arizona in Tucson went a little H.A.M. after watching their team lose in the Elite Eight, and deciding it'd be in their best interests to riot. Really, students going wild on a university campus like Arizona isn't all that irregular of an occurrence. 

Riot cops being at the ready, and then shooting the students with pepper gas, pepper bullets, and straight-up suckerpunching them is not a regular occurrence, however. Though we probably should've seen the 'Riot Selfie' genre of Instagram from a mile away. We found some of the footage from the riots and recapped the madness, and leave you with the question:

Should the police officer who more or less decked an innocent bystander be punished for policing in such a completely out-of-pocket manner? If not, then we definitely want to hear from you. Tweet at us @Complex_News or shout in the comments. And stay safe out there. College athletics might not be a professional sport, but rioting definitely isn't an amateur one, either.