The Eagles are reportedly not interested in bringing Michael Vick back to their team next season. But Vick, who will turn 34 this summer, won't be out of a job for very long. There are already several NFL teams rumored to be interested in bringing Vick in to be their starting quarterback. And last night, Adrian Peterson made a very public pitch to have his team, the Vikings, sign Vick. He sent out this tweet and directed it at Vick:

The idea isn't as crazy as it might seem, either. Last season, the Vikings used three different quarterbacks—Christian Ponder, Matt Cassell, and Josh Freeman—during the season. But none of them proved that they deserve the Vikings' starting QB spot during the 2014-15 NFL season. So bringing Vick in might actually be a good idea. Provided he can stay healthy for the majority of the season, he could throw Minnesota right back into the thick of things in the NFC.

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[via ESPN]