The MLS kicks off their 19th season today with the Seattle Sounders hosting Sporting Kansas City. Don't care? Well you should. You might've ignored the MLS for years and years, either out of indifference to the sport of soccer, or out of respect for the MLS's on-field product. This year, that needs to change. 2014 should prove to be a transformative season for the league. The three best American soccer players in the world are back with the MLS, Drake is repping Toronto FC hard, and there's even a racial discrimination scandal going down at Chivas USA. Whatever draws you to love sport, the MLS likely has a facet for you to grab on to and fall in love with. Quit messing around and go out and support your local club—European fan adoption be damned. To hell with "ManUSA" fans. Know for sure that there are 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore the MLS This Season.