Of the many things millenials have been made fun of blamed for (see: being annoying to work with, entitled, and terrified of failure), being awful drivers might be the one worth worrying the most about. 

Maybe it's because the very things that define our generation (hyper-plugged-in, sensitive to criticism, wildly narcissistic) equate directly to being an absolute terror behind the wheel. Yes, even worse than Boomers with shaky hands and glasses as thick as the bible on a half a dozen prescription drugs. Because, hey, at least those drugs were actually prescribed to them.

Join us as we consider the many reasons why millenials just might be the worst generation of drivers yet.

(Note: This was incredibly difficult for us to do, considering that we are rare, extra-special snowflakes that are wonderful at everything and accept fault for absolutely nothing. Here's to an extra hour of therapy this week!)

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