Remember how a sinkhole opened up in the National Corvette Museum? Remember how there was that other sinkhole that one time? Now just imagine trying to compute these two occurrences under the influence of lots and lots of drugs and without the influence of education.

We're pretty sure that's what's going on here. This rabid and deranged YouTuber is convinced that a sinkhole that opened up under a dude's house and the one under the Corvette Museum are either and attack or test of some sort of weapon. 

There's no real evidence to speak of, or motive, or explaination of what is going on given, just a strong and incoherent statement of evil. Of course, we're only saying that because the Illuminati/lizard-people/Jews/aliens/Freemasons/Stone Cutters/House of Capulet got to us first. In fact, just watching the video probably put you on a sink hole hit list.

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[via YouTube]