"Three seconds left in the game. USC trailing by just 2 points. The Trojans have a chance to get the victory here if their kicker can nail a 35-yard field goal. The snap is good. The hold is down. Annnnnnnd….IT'S GOOD! IT'S GOOD! IT'S GOOD! USC WINS THE GAME!"

Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic. But yesterday, former USC football coach/current Seahawks shotcaller Pete Carroll made an appearance at USC to give a speech. And during the course of his speech, USC alum Will Ferrell made his way to the stage and crashed the party. Then, he kicked a field goal into the crowd of people who had come out to listen to Carroll talk with Carroll himself serving as the holder. And wouldn't you know? Ferrell's not a bad kicker!

Watch his field goal attempt in the clip above. Nice leg.

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[via College Spun]