Hey, are you tired of the snow yet? HA. Dumb question, right? At this point, the only appropriate answer to that question is "%$^& YEAH!" And New York City resident Adam Bernheim is super tired of the snow. Reason being, he was driving to work at Staten Island University Hospital late last week and almost died as a result of it.

Bernheim didn't get into an accident with another driver because of the snow, though. He also didn't slip on a patch of ice and crash into a barrier or anything like that. Rather, he was driving along and getting ready to go underneath of a bridge when a large amount of snow and ice was pushed off the bridge by a plow. It landed directly on top of his car, and the snow and ice was enough to break his windshield and do some serious damage to his car. And believe it or not, Bernheim is actually lucky that that's all the snow and ice did—he very easily could have been killed in the accident.

Fortunately, Bernheim is OK. But he did an interview with an ABC News affiliate in New York earlier this week and urged the MTA to do whatever they have to do to prevent a similar accident from taking place in the future. The next time, the driver of the car might not be so lucky. So they need to make sure plows aren't putting snow and ice where they don't belong.

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