If you're going to try to steal someone's car—and for the record, we do not condone carjacking of any kind—make sure they're not holding a camera when you do it. Or better yet, make sure they're not a reporter for a local TV station holding a camera.

That's what a woman named Jean Price tried to do in Sarasota, Fla. recently. A reporter was set up outside of her friend's home in order to film a story on a Craigslist scam that had reportedly taken place at the home. And Price made her way outside, asked the reporter to leave, and then jumped into his car and made off with it when he refused to do so. She did come back a few minutes later after parking the car elsewhere. But by that time, the reporter had already called police to let them know that his ride had been stolen. And he had also filmed the entire incident and captured Price making off with his car. So there's absolutely no way that she can deny what happened.

Price might be in big trouble for doing, too. As of right now, she hasn't been charged with anything. But the State Attorney in Florida is currently trying to decide whether or not to charge her with grand theft auto. So it definitely looks like she should have just walked away from this situation as soon as she realized that a camera was rolling.

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[via WFTV]