We love a good wagon; they can be both practical and sexy at the same time in a way that's very compelling. This is why we're still harping on the fact that Subaru isn't going to release a hatchback version of the new WRX. 

Regardless, this is the Volvo Concept Estate, and it's the brown shooting break every automotive journalist fetishizes. It will have it's full debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but for now there are at least a few photos to share with you. 

The exterior might be dead sexy, but the interior is surprising. There's glass and wood and plaid and orange seatbelts and orange carpets with silver piping. It's weird as hell, but it works in a way that's uniquely Volvo. Now we just wait and see if Volvo is cool enough to put this neo-P1800 shooting brake to production.

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[via Jalopnik]