We usually hate on rich people toys that we can't afford, but this Aston Martin "DB Junior" demands respect, so we are going to give it some. Offered by Nicholas Mee & Co, the "toy car" is not your typical battery powered plastic kid-mobile. Styled after a legit DB from the '60s, the mini has a 110cc gas-fed engine, wood-rimmed steering wheel, your choice of vinyl or leather trim seats, 3-speed semi-automatic transmission, and an alleged top speed of 46mph!

We are all for inspiring future car fans, but this seems like a disaster waiting to happen. If you're the kind of parent who doesn't worry about that sort of thing and you have $27K to dish out, please buy one so that we can live vicariously through your kid. Check out the promo shots below.

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[via NYDailyNews]