Good news, guys! Shaquille O'Neal is releasing a new rap album! He held a Reddit AMA session earlier today. And when he was asked about the possibility of him releasing another album, he provided a release date for his next project:

Er, okay. So unless someone is planning on adding the month of "Nebruary" to the calendar sometime in the near future, maybe we won't be getting a rap album from Shaq anytime soon. But during his AMA, Shaq did reveal a bunch of pretty interesting things about himself, his career, and the things he plans on doing (and in some cases, not doing) in the future. Here are the 10 things we learned about Shaq during his AMA:

1. Shaq does not suffer from any health issues after spending nearly two decades in the NBA.

2. No one talked trash to Shaq during his NBA days. Ever.

3. Whoever gets paid to make Shaq's bed doesn't get paid enough.

4. Sadly, Kazaam is not Shaq's favorite movie of all-time.

5. Shaq is also not interested in making a sequel to Kazaam (boo!). He would be open to making one for another Shaq classic, though.

6. Shaq came thisclose to going pro in wall ball instead of playing in the NBA.

7. Shaq is a generous guy. Too generous really.

8. Shaq didn't appear in Space Jam because of his sneaker selection.

9. Shaq hearts Bill Russell.

10. Shaq (or at least his interns) are familiar with Reddit and knew this question would come up.

All in all, Shaq's AMA was about as entertaining as you would have expected it to be. To read the whole thing, go here.

Now is it almost Nebruary?!

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[via Reddit]