Why look at the outdoors when you can stare at a screen that displays the outdoors? That's the thinking behind the Spike Aerospace S-512 supersonic jet that will have giant displays instead of windows. The jet will be capable of traveling up to 1,370 mph, which makes windows tricky. Going windowless avoids having to build extra structural support and thus adding more weight. 

The displays will be created using a series of exterior cameras. If passengers decide they don't like what they see outside—face it, it can be a depressing world out there—they can opt for prerecorded displays or static images.

So if the plane is going through thoughts-of-death-inducing turbulence, you can switch the display to show blue skies. The plane won't go into manufacturing until 2018, though, so until then you'll have to face reality or, you know, lower the window shade. 

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[via The Verge